Thursday, 19 September 2019

Shopbook Specialities

Free Accounting Software Shopbook is Really Free and arguably the Best Accounting Freeware with Inventory, Point of Sale Billing and Barcode Generator. The Software is complete and professionally designed keeping in mind the requirements of Shops, Small Business, Non Profits, Project and Personal Finance End Users -- The light weight and easy to use single file portable accounting freeware does not expire and is an asset of a lifetime...
Shopbook Special Features:  1. No formal Academic Accounting knowledge is required to operate Shopbook - 2. Shopbook can be mastered within hours with the help of our Interactive Online Tutorial - 3. Free and Simple Barcode Generator by which Barcodes can be printed on A4 label sheets - 4. No annual updation, extra charges or subscriptions, Shopbook Freeware is free for life and supports every language supported in Microsoft Office - 5. Invoices can be generated in A4, A5 and A6 Sizes on any type of Printable Paper - 6. Only one LaserJet Printer required for printing Barcodes, Invoices and Reports - 7. Shopbook can be easily backed up on Pen Drive, Google Drive or Dropbox – Listed find below Shopbook Modules and their Screenshots

Sales Register - Make Invoices and Bills, Quotations, Delivery Notes, Stores Demand and Issue Voucher and generate Daily Sales Report
Sales and Billing
Purchase Register - Make Purchase Order, Request for Quotation, Goods Receipt Voucher and generate Daily Purchase Report
Purchase and Material Management
Receipt Register - Manage Receivables, Generate Statement of Receivables, Receivables Summary and Vouchers LIst
Accounts Receivable
Payment Register - Manage Payables, Generate Statement of Payables, Payables Summary and Vouchers LIst
Accounts Payable
General Ledgers - Cash Book, Bank Book, Day Book, Account Balance, Trial Balance and Real Balance
General Ledgers and Journals
Statement and Reports - Print Item List, Price List, Inventory Status Reports, Daily, Monthly and Yearly Gross Profit Report
Statements and Reports
Administration – Sign Vouchers, Setup Business Profile, Add Users and Access Control.


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