Thursday, 19 September 2019

Shopbook Screenshots

Sales Register - Make Invoices and Bills, Quotations, Delivery Notes, Stores Demand and Issue Voucher and generate Daily Sales Report
Purchase Register – Register Purchase Bills, Make Purchase Order, Request for Quotation, Goods Receipt Voucher and generate Daily Purchase Report
Receipt Register - Manage Receivables, Generate Statement of Receivables, Receivables Summary and Vouchers List
Payment Register - Manage Payables, Generate Statement of Payables, Payables Summary and Vouchers List
General Ledgers - Cash Book, Bank Book, Day Book, Account Balance, Real Balance, Trial Balance, Profit & Loss Account and Balance Sheet
Statement and Reports - Print Item List, Price List, Inventory Status Reports, Costing and Pricing Reports, Sales and Purchase Reports
Administration – Sign Documents and Vouchers, Setup Business Profile, Add/Edit Users and User Level Access Control.