Saturday, 24 August 2019

Registering a Receipt

Please go through Registering a Payment before reading this post – Since, if you have learned the Payment section you have also learned the Receipt section as the layout and logic of both these sections are the same.

On clicking the RECEIPTS button on the Keyboard, the RECEIPT REGISTER opens, Accounts Receivable is made easier and dealt with in this form.

Select the name of the Customer from which money is received in the Received From combo field on the top left of the RECEIPT REGISTER Form and tab on to enter the Total Receipt Amount, Remarks and proceed to the subform.

All the invoices made through the SALES REGISTER will be available in the subform, select the invoice against which money is received and fill in the Receipts, Book and Job column with the amount received, mode of receipt and job respectively.

The RECEIPT REGISTER form and the ribbon contains reports, the details of which are as below

Location – RECEIPT REGISTER form:

  • STATEMENT OF RECEIVABLES (report) – Returns the complete Statement of Receivables for the selected customer
  • RECEIVABLES SUMMARY (report) – Returns the summary of receipts from all customers

Location – RIBBON:

  • LOGS List (report) – Returns the list of all receipt vouchers.

For all the other reports on the ribbon of RECEIPT REGISTER, the caption on the Report is self explanatory.